Opertions Engineer / Web Developer / AWS Solution Architect / Site Reliability Engineer México-Colombia 2024

Opertions Engineer - Web Developer - AWS Solution Architect - Site Reliability Engineer - hosting - Domains

Aldo Barrios

Hello! My name is Aldo Barrios Vázquez, and I am a passionate IT professional. I specialize as a Bachelor of Computer Science, Operations Engineer (TELCO), and freelance Web Developer, in addition to being an architect of solutions certified by Amazon Web Services.

I have a solid academic background, having earned a Master's degree in Information Technology. Over more than 11 years of work experience, I have gained extensive expertise in managing operating systems such as Linux and Windows, designing and administering network applications, implementing virtualization solutions, handling API management, monitoring alarms, and verifying logs, as well as generating dashboards and statistics.
One of my strengths is my ability to effectively handle incidents and changes, enabling me to efficiently resolve computer problems that impact end-users and businesses.

I am committed to continuous learning and always seeking new opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge in the IT field.
I am excited to put my skills to work in new challenges and contribute to the success of innovative projects!

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